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Gift Ideas

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Age: 30s

Height: 5'4"

Bra size: 44DDD

Waist: 39"

Hips: 50"

Shoe size: US Womens' 8

Dress size: 18 (1x or 2x)

Genres: Mystery, New Wave, Sci-Fi, Folk Rock, Gothic Romance, Creative Non-Fiction

Colors: Berry red, green, black, burnt orange, hot pink, jewel tones, gray

Cuisines: Thai, sushi, Korean, Burmese

Favorite Portland spots: Steven Smith Teamaker, Everett House Community Healing Center, Cathedral Park, any food cart pod.

Favorite Getaway: Bellingham, WA

Favorite Doctor: The awkward and vulnerable 9th Doctor, always.

Gifts: Black or green tea, Playful Promises lingerie, Etsy or REI gift cards, Birkenstocks, seasonal fruit, cheese, mezcal and brandy.

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