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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book time together?

Please be polite and introduce yourself! You can contact me through my booking form, or by text or email. Send me a message with your name, age range, the type of appointment you’re looking for, and when you'd like to meet. Putting as much relevant information into your first message as you can makes it easier to get back to you quickly. If you're trying to book a same-day appointment, I recommend texting.

What if I have to cancel?

Things come up, please just give me as much notice as possible. If you have to cancel more than once, or if the cancellation is short-notice, I will require a deposit to reschedule.

What is required for screening?

To meet I require either two references, or a picture of your ID. If providing references, please include a link to the provider’s website or ad, and make sure you’re respecting their guidelines. If providing your ID, you can block out all information except your name, DOB, and picture.

Do you have same-day availability?

Sometimes I do! But my schedule is inconsistent. The best way to find out is to text me and ask (and if I don't respond, I was not available). 

My working hours are between 8 am and 8 pm, with very few exceptions. I'm about to make more accommodations if I'm given advanced notice, and in general I would prefer notice of a day or more. 

Why haven’t I heard back?

I probably just got distracted! Please feel free to send a polite reminder message. 
If I’m still not responding, please consider your communication style: Did you forget to introduce yourself? Did you ask explicit questions? Are you constantly texting in the middle of the night? These are all indications that we're not a good fit, and if you clearly put very little thought or consideration into your message I'm not going to respond.

What is the ideal booking duration?

I really love bookings between 30 minutes and two hours! For massage, I prefer one hour bookings. For social dates, it depends on the activity, and if you'd like me to plan a fun social date, I'm happy to!

Do you have an online presence?

I'm on Twitter and Instagram, and have an Onlyfans for spicier content.

Can I take pictures and video of our time together?

No, you cannot.

What if it's just for my personal use?

Still a no :)

Are you fetish friendly?

Which fetish? If it’s something that requires specialized knowledge or equipment, comes with a higher risk of bodily injury, or creates a particularly large mess, probably not.

If you are a sub, looking for a Domme, Goddess, or Mistress, you are emphatically not my client. Look elsewhere.

What are you into?

Massage, dirty jokes, sensation play, passionate kissing, body worship, spanking, role play, head rubs, and hugs.

I've been practicing my Greek on Duolingo! If you would like to join me in a lesson, please let me know at least a day in advance (by mentioning "Duolingo" in your message). 

Gift ideas?

Bonbons from Jinju Patisserie, black or green tea, pastries from Ken's Artisan Bakery, flowers, gift cards to: Bamboo Sushi, Fat And The Moon, or Chewy.

Are you coming to my city?

Maybe! My tour plans include Olympia, WA in April 2024, and San Jose, CA in May 2024. 

All tours depend on pre-bookings! 

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